While it may look like ‘play’ it is our philosophy that experimentation, exploration and questioning are the natural mode of learning for the young child. In play the mind is always busy. 


Welcome to Little Sunshine House. Please use this site to explore our Reggio Inspired Environments.

Little Sunshine House has two sites:Little Sunshine House at Linden and 7th serves families with children two months to Kindergarten and Little Sunshine House CDC at 7th and Rose serves families with children age two years to Kindergarten.

The Vision of Little Sunshine House Reggio Inspired Preschools is to create a unique and special community that inspires and engages children, families and educators as they grow and develop.

The Mission of Little Sunshine House is to provide quality early care and education for young children by drawing from current research, that supports the idea that children are constructing their learning to provide a balance of intellectual stimulation, emotional support and physical nurturance. Little Sunshine House is dedicated to providing quality in early care and education for young children. Eligible children and families are served without regard to sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity or special rights. We strive to reflect the larger community of Long Beach in our program.